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Towing Capacity Charts


Towing is needed when a car malfunctions and needs repairs. There are laws and standards that needs to be abided if a vehicle is being towed. There are various types of trailers and ways to tow different vehicles. Essentially, there are other things that can be towed such as boats, houses, and the list goes on. When towing a vehicle there are towing capacities. Towing capacities are usually referred to as the maximum towing capacity. The maximum towing capacity is the most that a vehicle is allowed to tow. It is recommended that manufacture guidelines are followed when towing to prevent any damage to a vehicle.

A towing capacity chart shows the towing capacity by year, make, and model so that it makes it easier to find a vehicles towing capacity. Never exceed a vehicles towing capacity because it may affect the ability of driving the car. It causes trouble with steering and the ability to stop. A towing capacity chart helps decrease accidents. There are also charts that show what the towing capacity is for hitches and trailers. When determining the total weight make sure that the cargo and additional passengers are calculated into the load. It should be simple to locate the maximum amount that can be towed by using the towing capacity chart.

There are several reasons to tow a vehicle like a damaged car, an abandoned car, shipping purposes, repossession from a lender, and impounded services. This has given towing companies many reasons to need a towing capacity chart. Towing equipment may also be needed when towing. Towing equipment can include hitch, wiring, and various accessories just to name a few. If a vehicle is too large to use a hitch then a trailer may be needed for it to be transported. If you are using a hitch make sure the hitch is capable of towing the amount that is needed to be towed. A good reminder is that a towing capacity is limited by the weakest component in the towing system. No matter where the location is there will always be great service when it comes to towing in Dallas Texas. If a vehicle is being driven it is a good idea to know its towing capacity.